The bible is a great best seller book of the times, that allows you to discover or redicover. From an Adventist ethic point of view, the Bible is more than a simple book: a lamp, guide, ruler of faith, norm of life, divine revelation, testimony of Jesus, authorized voice of God.

What does God want from us, how is his will toward us, how is his nature, which is the magnitude of his power, and the greatness of his love torward the world that fell; are things that we can discover or rediscover.

The reason for bible study is to dive into one of the most fascinating field no knowledgeable by human, is to dive into God's knowledge.

Even further of history and science, the Bible talks about a loving God that is eagerly looking to have a relationship with the human, that is why Bible Study is so important.

Begin the adventure of Bible Study is learn and have a relation with God as well ourselves.

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