Origin of Spiderman
With Great Power Comes Great Respnsibility!!

Peter Paker was orphaned as a child and was raised by his Uncle Ben & Aunt May. Growing up, Peter was considered a bookworm. As a result, he was always picked on and teased by the other students at Mid-Town High While attending a science fair when he was 16 years old, Peter was bitten by a radio active spider. Almost immediately, Peter realized that he had gained super strength, the ability to stick to walls and the very important spider-sense. With his new found powers, Peter set out to be a wrestling star known as "The Amazing Spiderman." One night after a wrestling match, Peter saw a robber run by him. A police officer called out for Peter to stop the robber, but Peter choose to ignore the police officer. Peter let the robber escape and this decision would change Peter's life forever. Later that same week, someone broke into the Parker house and killed Peter's Uncle Ben. When Peter came home that evening and found out what happend to his Uncle, Peter was devastated and decided to track the robber down himself. When he confronted the robber, who was hiding in an abandoned barn, Peter realized it was the same robber that he had let escape earlier. It was at this moment that Peter realized what his Uncle Ben meant when he said "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY." This would become Peter's motto both in his private life as Peter Parker the photojournalist and in his secret life as the Amazing Spiderman.

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